Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2017
Ekomaziva s.r.o.

Ekomaziva s.r.o.

Czech Republic, Cheznovice
Mr. Pavel Čepelák, MD

About Us

We offer technological solutions for metalforming on the base of oil free lubricants of US company IRMCO (authorised distributor) including microspray applications. Above that we supply maintenance and assembly lubricants Molydal, lubricants for plastic molding, plastic and cablewire assemblies, speciality lubricants for foodstuff industry, power plants incl. nuclear and many more. We offer also oil free machning coolants or coolants based on plant oil esters. Those coolants have better lifetime, tool protection and easier products cleaning. On the above we supply automatic system for refilling of cooling baths, which allows to operators to focus on their work without interruptions. Our second branch of activities are materials for surface treatment such as masking, equipment for galvanizing shops (galvanizing barrels, fiter pumps, contacts, cables, titanium products, hanging systems, bath cleaning, product drying) and painting (hanging dystems, washung bath cleaning). We are supplier of many multinational companies in automotive sector, aerospace, machining and construction. It will be great if you decide to experience our innovative products in your processes.

Areas of Activity

  • automotive
Ekomaziva s.r.o.

Czech Republic




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19.9.2017 Expert panel discussion
19.9.2017 B2B negotiations
19.9.2017 Raut

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Companies from metalforming industry, metal machining, plasticforming and surface treatment who can utilise benefits of our products and services


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