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MATEX PM s r.o.

MATEX PM s r.o.

Czech Republic, Plzeň
Mr. Tomáš Mužík, Director

About Us

MATEX PM has been renowned laser technology company from Czech Republic, Europe. We are one of technology leaders in challenging ideas and applications of high power lasers since 2005. Our mission is to offer best services to our clients, based on highest technological level. We deal mainly with laser technology services and automation system development. Laser services Our comptences are laser based processes offered as a service, mainly laser welding, laser surface hardening and laser cladding (i.e. hardfacing). This jobs are done on our state-of-the-art high power laser systems build by our technicians. We already have experience as a vendor of welded assemblies for automotive projects. Automation We design and deliver automation systems based on robotics and/or laser technology. Our systems are always adapted to client's specific needs. Our systems include not only laser technology, but also sensors, control and safety systems and laser safety cabin. Of course, intallation on-site, education of staff, on-line service and technical support is guaranteed.

Areas of Activity

  • engineering
MATEX PM s r.o.

Czech Republic




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19.9.2017 B2B negotiations

Cooperation Profiles

cooperation We are looking for a partner of the companies with a focus on mechanical engineering and metal working and producer of metal components, tools and machines. We offer co-operation like production of welded and/or machined assemblies. Laser welding of components for the transport, rail transport, automotive, power and building industries. Laser hardening of moulds, tools, gears, turbine blades and various machine parts. Laser cladding with wear resistant or corrosion resistant coatings.




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